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the cure ::: a russian community


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The Cure
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10:15 saturday night, 80's, a chain of flowers, a forest, a night like this, afi, albert camus, alfred lord tennyson, alt.end, andy anderson, arthur koestler, b-sides, beachy head, beethoven, billy corgan, blink 182, bloodflowers, bootlegs, boris williams, boys don't cry, brandon lee, bright eyes, burn, charlotte sometimes, close to cure, coachella, cocteau twins, concerts, cooper temple clause, cranes, crow, cure, curiosa, cursive, david bowie, deftones, depeche mode, disintegration, easy cure, end of the world, faith, fascination street, fear of ghosts, franz kafka, friday i'm in love, going nowhere, head automatica, head on the door, hermann hesse, homesick, ian curtis, inbetween days, interpol, jason cooper, jd salinger, jean cocteau, jean-paul sartre, jimi hendrix, join the dots, joy division, just like heaven, killing an arab, labyrinth, last dance, like cockatoos, lol tolhurst, london, lost wishes, lovesong, lullaby, lyrics, m, mahler, maybe someday, melissa auf der maur, mervyn peake, michael dempsey, mogwai, muse, my bloody valentine, never enough, new order, new wave, nick cave, nick drake, nine inch nails, perry bamonte, phil thornalley, pictures of you, pj harvey, plainsong, porl thompson, pornography, prayers for rain, r.e.m., radiohead, razorlight, remixes, robert smith, roger o'donnell, ross robinson, scarling, sensational alex harvey band, seventeen seconds, simon gallup, siouxsie and the banshees, siouxsie sioux, smashing pumpkins, south park, spike milligan, standing on a beach, staring at the sea, sylvia plath, tchaikovsky, the big hand, the caterpillar, the crow, the cure, the doors, the exploding boy, the glove, the hanging garden, the kinks, the kiss, the lovecats, the promise, the rapture, the smiths, the three sisters, the top, this twilight garden, thom yorke, three imaginary boys, thursday, to wish impossible things, tool, tori amos, trent reznor, watching me fall, wild mood swings, wish, yeah yeah yeahs


армия, история, образование, общество, знаменитости, кино, музыка, еда, путешествия, медицина, дети, россия, отношения, юмор, напитки

Social capital

  • less than 10